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Recreational Marijuana San Bernardino

Recreational Marijuana San Bernardino

When you find a San Bernardino dispensary with affordable prices and quality cannabis products, you’ll never want to shop at another weed store. It may take you some time to find a dispensary that can meet all of your needs, but don’t dispair if you’re still searching. California residents love Captain Jacks Dispensary for our wide selection of THC and CBD items in-stock and ready for purchase. If your current cannabis shop is always out of your favorite items or too pricey for your budget, we invite you to stop in and see why we are one of CA state’s leading cannabis dispensaries.

Captain Jacks Recreational Cannabis Buying Guide

If you’re a seasoned cannabis user, you’re probably searching for high-THC content products when you visit a weed store. At Captain Jacks, we list THC and CBD percentages next to every item we sell, so you can compare products to determine the best value for your money, whether you’re shopping online or in-person at one of the recreational marijuana dispensaries in California. Cannabis concentrates and vaporizers have a vey high THC percentage, so you’ll see a higher return on your investment when you choose one of these items from our store.

If you’re new to cannabis, you’ll want to start off with a product that has a low THC content. Try CL Cali SS or Santa’s Secret for smoking or take a small bite from a THC edible to see how you’ll react to cannabis. Work up to a high THC product slowly for the best experience with marijuana.

One Of LA’s Best Dispensaries For Recreational Cannabis

The best weed dispensaries typically carry a broad range of items to meet the needs of both medical and recreational marijuana customers. At Captain Jacks, we keep both types of THC in stock, however, we lean toward keeping more recreational products on hand, due to the high demand. Our recreational customers often pick up pre-rolled blunts and cannabis edibles for times when friends visit, as they’re more convenient for sharing than other products. Browse our entire inventory from the comfort of your home, shop online for curbside pick-up, or visit our San Bernardino dispensary and shop in-person.

California Medical Marijuana Approved

Captain Jacks is also one of CA’s best medical cannabis dispensaries, with the most popular products available for medical use. If you’re 18 years of age or older with a valid Gov-issued ID and a physical copy of your dr’s recommendation or physical medical marijuana ID card, you can purchase medicinal THC products from Captain Jacks. Feel free to connect with us using Web chat if you have questions about medical or recreational marijuana purchasing.

Shop now on our site or visit Captain Jacks San Bernardino Dispensary for the best deals on quality cannabis products. Be sure to ask about daily specials, happy hour prices, discounts for veterans, Teamsters, & seniors, and other ways to save at Captain Jacks- you don’t want to miss out on a single cannabis price special that will save you money.

Recreational Marijuana San Bernardino

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